Golden Boys Unisex All Star Hi Black

$300.00 USD

“Close your eyes and let the mind expand. Let no fear of death or darkness arrest its course. Allow the mind to merge with Mind. Let it flow out upon the great curve of consciousness. Let it soar on the wings of the great bird of duration, up to the very Circle of Eternity.”  Hermes

We're not just making shoes, we are creating art. Each shoe is made with love and care at a Canadian Printshop in a patented process that specializes exclusively on the customized design. 

The Golden Boys have been inspired by one legend: Hermes The Golden Boy-the Messenger Of Gods!

The new school year is here! These black Converse are the perfect companion to help you get started on your journey. As these shoes are custom made, there can be NO returns or exchanges- so order now and make sure that this style suits all of those carbon copies who keep asking why they're not cool enough.

Award-winning artist, Adan Ballou's artwork is a must for art lovers! 

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