Adan Ballou

Brand Story

Adan Ballou was an IT Geek unsatisfied in his creativity, he was inspired by his family's artsy influences, to pursue his creative side on making a motorcycle seat and learning leather crafting.

Stepping away from the city distractions and establishing an acreage in the heart of Canada, he pushed his own learning and boundaries. He dreamed of creating an ethical, environmentally aware, and socially responsible fashion brand.

Adan Ballou developed sustainable practices on leather production, which helped him win International awards on handbag designs.

Adan Ballou Brand is pursuing a new luxury and is helping people understand how important it is for what we wear on the outside to reflect who we are on the inside. Adan Ballou is all about being connected through nature and how that should make each of us feel.

We want to inspire all people wearing Adan Ballou to be super human. Super human to us is to be more care free and look after each other. A no nonsense way of living.

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