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At Ballouniverse, we know that you want to be honest and live by your values.

In this day-and-age of information overload we need more than just words on paper or screen-time for our minds; instead they crave something real: an experience with meaning behind its creation Our brand includes unique designs representing individuals' dreams, aspiration, and ideals.




Made from 100% Canadian Pine.
Hand-died by Designer.
Includes innovative 3D branded hardware.

Organic Style

Organic Cotton & RPET

Adan Ballou Brand is working with companies that are achieving Organic Blended Content Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard. This means we use products and work with companies that help reduce our environmental footprint.

printed by hand

Traditional Screen Printing

When it comes to achieving a retro style, there are few companies who can match our expertise. Our production facility has been screen printing for over 50 years and the dyes are free from heavy metals or toxic substances so you can feel confident about what's going into it!

Inclusive Values

Inclusive & Fair Work Environment

Our workplace is a place where people work together and feel valued. We value our team with respect, dignity and equity so that we can continue providing inspiration to others!

Therefore Happy & Be Honest

Endeavour to discover what is "Right & Wrong" for you. In your heart & mind, stand apart from structured obligations & pragmatic expectations.

We take inspiration from icons and symbols.

We want our customer to create their own understanding of the symbolism behind such icons.

We R all Pink Inside

The human body is pink inside. This means that we all have a spirit, an essence of being from which life and love flow through us like water through channels in the rainforest or light between molecules on glass at night time--we are equally made.

Therefore Happy

This is the perfect time to break out of your comfort zone and try something new! Wear a tool that makes you feel like an superhero.

Be different today, the first item you wear sometimes decides how your day goes.

You can choose to see opportunity for hope & potential love in any situation with Divine Nonchalance!

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We Believe

We Believe that the views, opinions & ideas expressed here are self evident in the same way Actions speak louder than Words.

We Believe in the powers of Nature & Science and the symbols that represent them.

We Believe that Passion & Imagination are the great Human powers & that Faith in them makes anything possible.

We Believe that everyone possesses a unique ability to become Super Human and that enabling this is simply a matter of Choice.

We Believe in what we Do & we Believe you do too. This is a flag for those who Believe as we do.

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