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Adan Ballou's brand is crafted from environmentally conscious materials using sustainable processes.

“We help those who are feeling lost or disconnected with nature find a symbol to wear, an elegant and brighfful accessories that help you avoid those monotonous days and reconnect with nature.”

New styles
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Every day is a different challenge, pants that can provide you with a way to express yourself and help you aspire to become a better person.
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Fly into the wind
feel like a bird
New leggings pants uniquely hand drawn design and made in Canada.
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New styles
Yoga Capris
High quality, comfort while being fashionable with these unique designer pants.
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Soft & Comfortable
Uniquely designed by different Canadian Artists, these underwear adjust softly to your body, making it comfortable to wear.
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At Home fashion
designer leggings
Collaboration with different Canadian artists. Their beautiful pieces have inspired to create wearable comfortable designer leggings.

Made with sustainable processes and fabrics, these leggings will not fade away when you wash them.
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Art on Fashion

About AB Accessories

What makes the brand sustainable?

We utilize in our production process sustainable made fibers, natural water-based glues & dyes, eco-friendly vegetable tanning process, and finished with a Manitoba made bees wax treatment.

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