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Adan Ballou


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Hand made by artist from start to finish!

wear the change you wish to see in the world

wear a message you believe in

Embracing traditional art techniques, our fashion journey spans 15 years. From award-winning handbag designs in Germany & New York to our latest venture in sustainable streetwear showcased at the Golden Globes Gifting Suite!

Our designs inspire creativity, offering more than just logos. Crafted 100% in Canada, we prioritize quality and sustainability for both you and the environment.

Crossover Collection:

Embracing All Identities

Unisex Style Across All Collections!

traditional hand drawn

Embracing traditional hand-drawing techniques to conceptualize and sketch ideas.

These sketches are then inked before being transferred to a digital format
for silk screen printing.

screen printed by hand

We utilize unique screen printing techniques to apply artwork to the front of our tees, using custom sizing not commonly found in other screen printing shops.

Additionally, we apply the artwork to the interior tag for added detail and branding.

antibacterial & uv protection

Each tee is adorned with a distinctive hemp tag, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

Crafted with naturally antibacterial hemp and offering UV protection, our tees are pre-shrunk to ensure the perfect fit.

adan ballou team

who we are?

Adan Ballou's passion for design, ignited in childhood by his uncle, has blossomed into a lifelong pursuit. Transitioning from the IT industry to fully embrace design, he has honed his craft across diverse mediums, including leather, clothing, and garments. Alongside his wife, they reside in a small acreage in Canada, where the serene embrace of nature fuels their creative process, inspiring the unique designs of Adan Ballou. Recognized with numerous awards, they embark on a journey to inspire others with creations that transcend mere branding.

artist run

Adan Ballou is intricately involved in every stage of creation, from product development to screen printing.

As a proudly Canadian-owned artist shop, we prioritize crafting a unique and personalized experience for our customers.

we care for the world

We prioritize the ethical production of our products. Our tees are proudly crafted entirely in Canada, with materials sourced in partnership with the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, ensuring transparency and sustainability throughout the manufacturing process.

sustainability guaranteed

We prioritize the UN Sustainable Goals as the cornerstone of our business operations. From materials to production processes, we align
with these goals. Additionally, we ship your garments in compostable bags, inviting you to join us in our commitment to sustainability.

Conscious Craftsmanship:

Small-Scale Production

At Adan Ballou, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Our conscious approach to production means we avoid mass production, opting instead for small-scale runs or print-on-demand.

Each item is crafted with care and love, ensuring quality, originality, and inspiration in every piece.

Echoes of Inspiration:


Unveil the Impact through the Words of Visionaries β€” A Tapestry of
Quotes from Movie Stars, Musicians, TV Icons, Writers, and Producers Who
Shape the Narrative of Adan Ballou.

"Your shirts are so cool when I walked in they drove me in! My brain completely registers these messages."

Chloe Coleman
Actress Avatar 2


"The idea is worth more than the t-shirt. These are cute!”

Nicole & Jenny Delaney
Lessons on Chemistry Producer/Writer


"You share love - this human power never goes away!"

Susan Berger
Actress from Jury Duty


Experience our exclusive showcase at the DPA Golden Gift Lounge 2024! Our sustainable streetwear collection took center stage, captivating Golden Globe nominees at the prestigious Luxe Sunset Boulevard in LA!

Celebrating Adan Ballou's Style Stars


Crafting Excellence

Nurturing Every Aspect of Our Process

Hemp & organic cotton

Manufactured in Toronto, Canada, with materials sourced in partnership with the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, we prioritize sustainability. By carefully managing our inventory, we order just the right amount of tees, minimizing excess stock.

Screen Printed by hand

Our artist meticulously recreates each design using the traditional silk screen printing process. Each shirt is then cured and pre-washed to ensure the perfect fit for you!"

Compostable Packaging

Sustainable shipping solutions. Each product is thoughtfully wrapped, accompanied by a small art card explaining its significance and a personalized message from us!

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