Nature You Wear

Feel Refreshed, Energized, Balanced, Connected to Nature

Nature Theraphy

Images of nature are as therapeutic as the real thing. Wearing nature makes you the zen in an urban jungle and helps you establish a place to nurture personal wellness, community improvement and sustainability.

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Inspired by Canada’s Nature

The beauty of Canada's nature captured in analogue mediums like watercolour, pencil crayon, or marker.

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Proudly Canadian

Made in Canada, all fabrics are milled & garments assembled on the island of Montreal, Quebec.

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Sustainably Made

Our Ecopoly performance fabric uses 70% less water & electricity to make.

Per 1 sq/m Water Electricity
Regular Polyester 18 ltrs ‐ 1 water cooler jug 8000 Watt Hours ≅ Drying a load of laundry
Performance Ecopoly 4 ltrs ‐ 1 gallon of milk 2400 Watt Hours ≅ Blow drying your hair

Made with Joy

Everyone gets paid $15 an hour to start & all breaks are paid because happy people make better stuff.

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