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Adan Ballou


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Tees that wear like a leather jacket

The more you wear it, the softer it gets

Mesmerizing graphic tees that promote ideas, not just brands

Our eco-friendly garments not only make you feel happier and healthier with their soft hemp and organic cotton blend, but also empower you to inspire others with bold messages that provoke thought and action.

wear organic

Politically persecuted for centuries, hemp’s potential still shines

  • Naturally Sustainable: Grown without chemicals or pesticides, kind to your skin and the planet.
  • Built to Last: Super durable, so you can enjoy your tee for years to come (fewer clothes = less waste!).
  • Comfort Champion: Soft, breathable fabric feels amazing against your skin.
  • Naturally Antibacterial: Keeps you fresh and odor-free, reducing the need for frequent washing.
  • Sun Protection Powerhouse: UPF 45+ rating provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays.

what are people saying?

"This hemp shirt is my favorite choice for the wide range of climates I work in here in Southern California. Adan’s artistic designs are so colorful that they pop and grab the attention of anyone around. There’s something hallucinatory about all his designs, especially the ones I chose, that frequently cause me to remind people that 'my eyes are up here!' As a photojournalist, I love wearing shirts that provoke thought with inspiring messages, and Adan’s shirt hit that bullseye in the best ways!"


Joel Cooke, TV Photojournalist

"Dude! I Love the shirts! I have My mind is a machine and Fuck em’s.. I absolutely Love them, they are so comfortable and feel so good on the body that I wear them at Home all the time. They were supposed to be for special occasions but they are way too comfortable to wear them just once in a while."


Alex Lizler, Baker & Business Owner

"This shirt is a F@#%en a game-changer! It stands out and is super comfy. I had never worn a hemp shirt before and was skeptical, but this one is incredibly durable and keeps getting softer each time I wear it. However, it's the bold artwork that truly captivates me—and everyone else who comments on it. I love that I can literally wear my values on my sleeve. If you're looking for style with substance, this is it."


Kyle Burdy, DJ & Business Owner

At Adan Ballou, we provide you with

comfort that lasts, style that speaks

We elevate you everyday with our thought-provoking messages.

✔️Sustainable Materials: Made from organic cotton and hemp.
✔️Ethical Production: Made 100% in Canada.
✔️Hand-Drawn Designs: Meticulously crafted, thought-provoking messages that aim to spark conversations and inspire change.
✔️Traditional Silk-Screen Printing: Ensures vibrant colors and long-lasting wear.
✔️Comfort and Quality: Pre-washed and pre-shrunk for a perfect fit.
✔️Quality Craftsmanship: Each tee includes a meticulously embroidered brand logo and a small woven tag, symbolizing the commitment to quality materials and attention to detail.

Stars Shine in Adan Ballou

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Chloe Coleman


“Your products and messaging are amazing! Thank you for everything!”




“Obsessed with these, the messages and the designs are amazing  🙌🏽 thank you so much."




"You share love - this human power never goes away!"


limited run

Just 500 available of each design

Artist Run & Made

Clothing that empowers you, inspires change, and honors the planet

Inspiring hand-drawn art

Traditionally silk-screen printed by hand

Artist Owned & Operated

Wear Your Values:
wearing your heart on your sleeve

From crafting promotional graphics to designing award-winning leather bags, Adan Ballou's journey has always been about more than just fashion—it's about sparking conversations and inspiring change. Discover how he transformed the humble t-shirt into a canvas for artistic expression and environmental consciousness, empowering individuals to wear their values with pride.

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Bold messages, deep conversation

Comfort Cases


Wear hope,
give comfort

10% of online sales donated to comfort cases

A cause dedicated to supporting children in the foster care system. Helping them feel valued and supported during challenging times. Wear your values with pride, knowing your purchase contributres to making a positive impact on young lives.

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