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express your values. inspire everyone around you.

We provide you with comfort that lasts, style that speaks. We elevate you everyday with our thought-provoking messages. 

My Mind is a Machine, My Heart Makes the Fuel

The soul’s fire fuels the mind

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Our minds are the source of our imagination, while our hearts give us the emotional intensity to turn our ideas into reality. 

My Mind is a Machine, My Heart Makes the Fuel
My Mind is a Machine, My Heart Makes the Fuel Sale price$75.00 USD

Be the Change, Wear the Change

Thought-Provoking Art on Sustainable Hemp

  • Naturally Sustainable: Grown without chemicals or pesticides, kind to your skin and the planet.
  • Built to Last: Super durable, so you can enjoy your tee for years to come (fewer clothes = less waste!).
  • Comfort Champion: Soft, breathable fabric feels amazing against your skin.
  • Naturally Antibacterial: Keeps you fresh and odor-free, reducing the need for frequent washing.
  • Sun Protection Powerhouse: UPF 45+ rating provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays.

From Canvas to Cloth:
Infusing Meaning into Every Thread

Our tees transcend mere clothing; they're bold statements of individuality and values.

Discover the story and inspiration behind each unique design. Our art isn’t just for wearing; it’s a conversation starter, a statement, and a reflection of your values.

Bold messages, deep conversation

T-shirts that spark meaningful conversations and challenge the status quo.

Quality you can feel & trust

Stand against fast fashion with our sustainable, hemp-cotton blend garments.

Wear your values

Designs that reflect your passion for change and social justice.

Wear Good, Do Good

More than just clothing, your purchase supports sustainable practices and gives back to our community.



My Mind is a Machine with Della Saba Killers of the Flower Moon Actresses Jillian Dion and Janae Dawn loving My Mind is a Machine special tees My Mind is a Machine featured by Kimmy Gatewood

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Burdy, Business Owner
Awesome Shirt

"This shirt is a F@#%en a game-changer! It stands out and is super comfy. I had never worn a hemp shirt before and was skeptical, but this one is incredibly durable and keeps getting softer each time I wear it. However, it's the bold artwork that truly captivates meand everyone else who comments on it. I love that I can literally wear my values on my sleeve. If you're looking for style with substance, this is it.