No Bullshit

The way we like to do business is with honesty, kindness and a smile on our face. We believe in being friendly towards others no matter where they are from or what language their speaking so that's why at Adan Ballou Brand The Honesty Barcode will always be there for all of you!

What is Ballouniverse?

Adan Ballou is a lifestyle brand that leads by example. Adopting the philosophy of being "super human heroes for each other," our goal with this project was to create something original and meaningful, while still remaining authentic in all aspects from messaging down through design details--everything about us had been carefully thought out so as not only help people live better lives but also make them feel good when they wear it!

Ballouniverse Symbols

  • It is a different kind of super hero story.
  • More like a choose your own adventure.
  • Some of the inspirations are thousands of years old, others are very new.
  • The Ballouniverse is a whole new perspective of them all mashed up together.
  • Is a new expression of old ideas.
  • In color and form vibrating the spirit.

Brand Mantra

We BELIEVE that the views, opinions & ideas expressed here are self evident in the same way Actions speak louder than Words.
We BELIEVE in the powers of Nature & Science and the symbols that represent them.
We BELIEVE that Passion & Imagination are the great Human powers & that Faith in them makes anything possible. 
We BELIEVE in what we Do & we BELIEVE you do too. This is a flag for those who Believe as we do.

Sustainability Promise

What we are promising, what we are working

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) give us a framework to define our vision and steer, or rather guide the world towards an even more sustainable future.

We encourage you to take a closer look at the goals and ask yourself - how are your actions working towards those?

What we currently do

Retro FeelingRetro Feeling

Organic & RPETOrganic and RPET

Green PackagingGreen Packaging

Canadian PineCanadian Pine

Retro feeling

an analog screen printed process

When it comes to achieving a retro style, there are few companies who can match our expertise. Our production facility has been screen printing for over 50 years and the dyes are free from heavy metals or toxic substances so you can feel confident about what's going into it!



Adan Ballou Brand is working with companies that are achieving Organic Blended Content Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard. This means we use products and work with companies that help reduce our environmental footprint.


grow & protect

We're committed to being a responsible member of the community and environment by making sure that our packaging is 100% compostable. This helps nurture soil for better growing, while also helping you take care what goes into your product!



Made from 100% Canadian Pine.
Hand-died by Designer.
Includes innovative 3D branded hardware.



As a company, we believe in doing good for the world and are committed to following UN sustainable goals. Our suppliers also fall into this category and some of them are certified by BCorp - a certification organization focused on social responsibility!