Adan Ballou is a lifestyle brand that leads by example. Adopting the philosophy of being "super human heroes for each other," our goal with this project was to create something original and meaningful, while still remaining authentic in all aspects from messaging down through design details--everything about us had been carefully thought out so as not only help people live better lives but also make them feel good when they wear it!

△ Our ▽ Promise △

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

What we promise, what we are working

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) give us a framework to define our vision and steer, or rather guide the world towards an even more sustainable future.

5 Gender Equality 8 Decent work and economic work

Sourcing Sustainability

Decent Work & Economic Growth
Gender Equality

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment of people from all walks of life.

Working with local & international companies who want to be a part of our sustainable plan.

Sustainable Consumption and Production

Advocating Responsible Consumption

Responsible Consumption & Production

We are committed to making sure our business practices are sustainable. We endeavor not only in the products themselves, but also how they're made and distributed - all so that you can feel good about your purchase!

We want everyone who shops with us every day have peace of mind knowing their purchases were responsible enough for them not just today or this week--but long-term too because we're always looking ahead at ways improve upon what's already working best while using resources responsibly without compromising quality.

Decent work and economic growth Sustainable Citites and Communities Sustainable Consumption and Production Partnerships for the goals

Growing with Communities

Building towards B Corp & UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our dedication to the environment and social equality is at an all-time high. We are working with local businesses in order create sustainable solutions for both their employees as well as our customers by using certified materials from responsible factories, which help us work towards our own certifications.

Promoting Good Health and well being 5 Gender Equality

Promoting Health & Safety

Good Health & Well Being

We believe in promoting our values also to promote a well-being for all. Our brand provides the opportunity of starting living positively, no matter what your situation may be!

Sustainable Citites and Communities Sustainable Consumption and Production Climate Action

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Sustainable Citites & Communities

We are working towards building an inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable work and community.

Climate Action

Protecting Water Resources

Water Consumption

We work towards the minimum consumption of water when we produce. This ensures our garments are environmentally friendly.




AL, the rainbows guy has been our brand mascot since day one. With a great team of consultants across the world, we all connected with this great character in different ways to interpret the iconic colors for happiness and joy that is known as a rainbow!


the world of symbols

We may not be able to explain the complexities of a human brain, but language has always felt like it doesn't capture everything that matters. Metamath is an universe of symbols designed for expressing who we really are--honesty with our unique identity that makes us special as individuals.

History of your hands


The power of words has been proven to be more powerful than any other form or violence. They can affect others in profound ways, both positively and negatively. It is important that we use our voices wisely because they have such a huge impact on people's lives- whether this impacts them personally or at an empire level will depend entirely upon what you say next!

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We believe

We BELIEVE that the views, opinions & ideas expressed here are self evident in the same way Actions speak louder than Words.

We BELIEVE in the powers of Nature & Science and the symbols that represent them.

We BELIEVE that Passion & Imagination are the great Human powers & that Faith in them makes anything possible. 

We BELIEVE in what we Do & we BELIEVE you do too. This is a flag for those who Believe as we do.