A pseudo-mathematical framework to succinctly express human experience & the dynamic nature of its interactions.

The Universe of the psyche mirrors, echos, or reflects the physical Universe. From this axiom we can draw parallels between the 4D physical existence we all share and the higher dimensions of the psyche

Observations made of the physical universe - 4 forces - can be used to draw analogies, similes, parables, etc about the nature of the metaphysical universe.


The therefore happy metamath symbol is an expression of a choice, free will, or personal agency. It defines a condition in those who've consciously chosen a perspective. Often dismissed as ‘Rose colored glasses’ or even ‘willful ignorance’, the therefore happy symbol represents the constitution necessary to change your own perspective for the better.

50% Organic Cotton

50% RPET Recycled Polyester

Woven Label

Made in USA

Uniquely screen printed in Canada

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