We R Pink - Art New Unisex Split Pull Tee

$75.00 USD

No matter what color you are on the outside, we are all PINK on the inside. We all bleed, we all laugh & cry. On the inside, we all have far more in common than our perceptions of each other let on. - Adan Ballou

The colors and images on this piece are so vibrant, you can't help but stop to look. This technique is called a split pull treatment where each print will vary depending upon how the artist lets their hand go with brush or pencil strokes at end of day!

The eco-friendly T shirts are perfect for fans of the green lifestyle. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find one that matches your style!

These comfortable tshirts made from recycled materials have been getting rave reviews because they're washable AND reusable - not bad considering how many people throw away their clothes every year? The softness is thanks to organic fabric composed mainly out plastic bottles which provide an interesting texture on top; it may be imperfect here or there due some blemishes left behind during production but don't let those little things bother ya', this makes each shirt unique just like you (ha!).

Item Details:

  • Set on Rib Collar
  • Double needle sleeve hem & bottom hem
  • Tape shoulder to shoulder
  • Side seamed
  • Woven Label


50% Organic Cotton & 50% RPET Recycled Polyester

Made in USA. Uniquely screen printed in Canada.

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