Winter Clutch Handbag
Winter Clutch Handbag
Winter Clutch Handbag
Winter Clutch Handbag
Winter Clutch Handbag

Winter Clutch Handbag

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The design was inspired by the Prairie Winter, this bag features a two-tone skin with a criss-cross pattern inspired from Art Deco murals. This bag was awarded The Brother Best Handmade Bag by The Independent Handbag Awards In New York City.

This bag is made from deer skin leather that Adan Ballou tanned himself, using traditional indigenous techniques. The lining was sewn with a walking foot sewing machine. The outer edges are braided by hand with a four string round braid. During the hunting season, local hunters provide the hides from their harvest. The hunters harvest the venison meat, antlers, bone, sinews and fats before returning the remains to the wild for scavenging animals. They give the green hides to the designer, as they appreciate the use of the entire animal, without any waste. 

When the leather is ready to be processed from hide to leather, it is rinsed out with locally collected water and wood ash, this will help remove the hair and clean the hide before soaking it again in water with salt, to help balance the PH levels. 

The hide is then dyed with handmade coffee dye and after finalizing the dying process, the hide is dressed with an emulsion of neats foot oil and Dawn liquid dish soap that will help the hide to be worked out and handled to help the leather being soft and keeps the hide glue from setting while the moisture evaporates.

As the deer skin is unique on its own, the designer decides how to cut the different parts of the bag, to use most of the material and not have any waste. The scraps end up being lace around the bag. 

The bag pattern is planned as much as possible and when then animal collected had some scars, these marks are featured within the bag.

The bag is lined in a blue Agave Cactus silk bought in the souks of Marrakech, also called Sabra, which is hand woven by the women in Morocco. This material was used for this collection because o the shine and colour depth, with a story attached. 

The inside of this bag is your daily essentials space, like you live INSIDE your home. Parts that need to be thinned were skived down manually with a safety beveler on a marble slab. 

The edge painting process involves sandpaper, soldering iron, and beeswax. 

Zippers are treated also with beeswax and a toothbrush to make the action smoother. The zipper pull is made from reclaimed coax data cable. The idea that once carried data as electrical signals, makes this bag more special. 

Stitched and glued together with Guttermann thread & Basic Adhesives glue. 

The bag is structured in deer skin rawhide (in place of cardboard) so it is very strong and durable. The strap is a four string round braid around a waxed sinew core, so it won't stretch or break.

A magnetic clasp acts as a closure.

An Adan Ballou leather bag emerges bespoke craftsmanship with the rugged minimalism of vintage leather accessories. Each bag is an example of precise attention to details applied with handmade care.

For the uniqueness of the leather, original design and completely handmade with sustainable materials, this bag was awarded the prize for the best handmade bag in the Independent Handbag Awards 2019 in New York, NY.