My Mind is a Machine Collectors Edition Tee

$75.00 USD

Collectors Edition, special split pull and introducing new embroidered tag. Only 1000 have been printed, each one is unique.

The Mind is the source of one’s imagination while the Heart’s feeling powers their actions. The Psyche is what we call the cycling system that is the mind's eye & the heart's emotional intensity. Your Free will empowers you to choose your own perspective. You can choose to see the potential & opportunity in everyday life and let your heart be grateful & excited about it. 

“Omnia quae sunt, lumina sunt”, E = mc2

The eco-friendly T shirts are perfect for fans of the green lifestyle. 

The softness is thanks to organic fabric composed mainly out plastic bottles which provide an interesting texture on top; it may be imperfect here or there due some blemishes left behind during production, making each tee unique while manufacture and while is made by its unique screen printing technique.

Item Details:

  • Set on Rib Collar
  • Double needle sleeve hem & bottom hem
  • Tape shoulder to shoulder
  • Side seamed
  • Embroidered Monogram


50% Organic Cotton & 50% RPET Recycled Polyester

Made in USA. Uniquely screen printed in Canada.

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