"Metatron's Cube" Laser Etched in Pine Wood Decor

$38.00 USD

The Metatron's Cube is the symbol of the archangel Metatron who oversees the flow of energy (Think Einstein's E=MC², Energy is equal to Mass). His symbol leads one to an understanding of how the Creator has structured the physical world around us because it enables the Geometrician to create the 5 platonic solids. These are the five geometric 3D shapes which underline the physical world we live in, from our DNA to the Galaxy. The Metatron’s Cube helps us realize the harmony & balance of nature (Outer world) and so doing to become the master of your thoughts & emotions (Inner world). Metatron provides this symbol to heal people of unhealthy energies that they want to clear out of their lives, replace negative thoughts with positive ones, & live a motivated, focused, and meaningful life.

Ready to hang on your wall using its 3D printed Adan Ballou hanger hardware.

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