Lilies Reverse Block Print Art No. 3

$350.00 USD

Woodblock printing is an ancient art originating in China around 500 AD, with Japan & Korea both adopting the process into their respective cultural art forms so after. The woodblock printing process stayed largely the same for almost a thousand years until the 15th century when Johannes Gutenberg invented his movable-type printing press, which started the Printing Revolution. From that point on, woodblock printing was retired to a less functional & more artistically creative medium.

'Lilies' is the first in a collection of original art works whose creative thesis is to extend the creative boundaries of Wood Block Art. The standard formula is reversed: where traditionally, inks would be applied to the block for transfer to another medium (like paper or cloth), this process focuses on adding contrasting colors to the block first, then burning the cutouts on a laser engraver table. Finally, the colors are carefully distressed to draw out the depths & highlights. The result is a novel expression of color & form sprung from an ancient creative technique.

It is made from 100% Canadian Pine Trees and has been hand dyed using water stains for an accent on any wall. The size is 11" x 17".

The wall art has our innovative 3D branded hardware, and uniquely signed by artist.

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