Adan Ballou The Story

It all started with a dream...

A dream to create a leather handbag that can last for generations, as items made in the style of the Arts & Crafts or Art Nouveau artistic movements aspired to be. Adan Ballou set out to create leather items that exemplified three key ideas: It be functional, well designed & made to last; It be beautiful, elegant, classic & sublime; & it be wise, sustainable & environmentally aware.

Adan Ballou's journey

The Long Road Ahead

Casting Process

Wax sculpture

Adan belives that the more intimate or connected one is with their medium, the more expressive one can be with it. He saw that the metal buckles & rings he used to create his. accessories was another way he could expres his vision, aand so he learned how to sculpture waax & the art of Cire Perdue.

sand casting

Using the ancient processs of sand casting, Adan created his first castings in sand because it can be reused over and over again.This is one of the many ways which Adan has endevoured to create his designs in a sustainable way

Recycled Bonze

Adan only casts is bronze fashion sculpture from recyled brass & copper. Collected from old copper piping, spent bullet casings & brasss antiques, Adan melts them down in his home made foundary on his acreage.

Dragonfly Belt
Recycled Brass

Summer Dragonflies inspired this unique design.

Malena Bag

Braiding & Metal Clasps

Adan Ballou's Development

The Fight & The Hope

Skull Belt 2.0

Men & Women

357 Holster Wallet

Made to Carry The Tools for the Modern Revolution


Adan Ballou Journey

Jacob's Travels

Angel Bag

Sandcast front ornamental clasp

Malena Bag

Another example of the strength found in a parabolic curve.

Runner Bag

A messanger bag made for the road

Adan Ballou Experience

2016 Abury designer winner

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Adan Ballou experimental artistic bags

Winter & summer clutches

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Winter Clutch

Best Handmade Handbag Winner at the 2019 IHBA in New York City

Summer Lily Clutch

One of-a-kind beaded lily design

Royal Manitoba
& Ash Brother

Luxury Handmade Leather Accessories

Adan Ballou current collection

royal Manitoba collection

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Taylor Bag

Personalized with coffee stains

NY 2020 IHBA Finalist

Mr. Bag - Scheer bag

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