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Taylor Bag

A design inspired to carry your memories, this bag will embed many scratches & stains from your own journey that will help you create those unique memories.

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Further Details

The Taylor Bag is inspired by a conversation Adan Ballou had with a friend Lennard Taylor. A designer himself, they where talking about a bag his grandmother used that he now had on display in his workshop. While discussing different design features it occurred to them that this bag carried many memories, both hers & his. The travels the bag had seen where apparent in the many scratches & stains the leather's deep rich patina wore with a sort of grace. It was this ability to carry memories that inspired the Taylor Bag design.

This luxury tote bag features:

  • 4 organizing pockets (9" by 10" large)
  • A Zippered pocket (7" by 7" large)
  • Embroidered AB tag & a completely unique braided zipper pull.
  • Wickett & Craig Vegetable
  • Tanned English Bridle Leather
  • Hemp Canvas Lining
  • Dimensions 16" x 15" x 6"
  • Strap length 33", Strap Drop 12"
  • 0.75 kg
"There is a particular glow that some things have. You can see it most in things that are made by hand, like old buildings or home made meals. When something is made with great feeling it carries over. It can't be faked, its authenticity can be seen like a smile. This bag represents my efforts to manifest this effect, what I think is a new kind of luxury, one that shines differently than gold" - Adan Ballou.


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