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Adan Ballou uses high-quality vegetable tanned leather as well as natural fibers on its lining materials

Adan Ballou

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Natural Glues & Dyes

local hunted deer skin

Adan Ballou collects deer skins from local hunters, who produced their own beef. Adan treats the leather with naturally collected water mixed with wood collected ashes that helps reduce the pollution produced on other methods like chromium based tanning. For this technique and the high attention to detail, Adan Ballou was awarded in 2019 the best handmade handbag by the Independent Hanbag Awards in New York.

Hemp Canvas Lining

Hemp fibre is one the strongest and sturdiest of all natural textile fibres. Like leather, it gets softer with use. When cared for, neither wears out. They wear in. Hemp naturally resists mould and ultraviolet light. For its many desirable qualities and the way it harmonizes with leather, Adan Ballou uses hemp canvas to line his designs.

Bees Wax Treatment

Adan Ballou applies a house blend of local beeswax and essential oils to each item. This brings out the patina that vegetable-tanned leather will naturally develop. Worked into the leather by hand, it protects the leather from stains and conditions it for durability. It also enhances the aroma that only quality leather has.

2019 Best Handmade Handbag

Independent Handbag Awards Designers, New York


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Production Process

We believe in supporting companies with similar values as what we have. We have partnered with other Canadian artists and companies to help us produced sustainable made products in Canada.


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