Luxury handmade accessories

royal Manitoba collection

Our luxury leather handbags & briefcases are avaiable by commission at this time.

royal Manitoba luxury collection

An Adan Ballou leather bagmerges bespoke craftsmanship withthe rugged minimalism of vintage leather accessories.Each bag is an example of precise attention to details applied with handmade care.

Handmade on the Great Plains of Canada, each bag expresses reverence for the materials made with. An accessory made to be beautiful when well used pays tribute to the animal it came from. Crafted from environmentally conscious materials and sustainable, because it’smade to last!

Sonya bag

This bag is a symbol for the feminine aspects of these principles in the same way as a suit is often regarded as a masculine one.

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Taylor Bag

The design & construction of this bag ensure it will not ‘wear out’ but rather ‘wear in’ like the working leathers that inspired it. 

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Scheer Briefcase

This new men's briefcase was designed with values in mind for resilience. Featuring different style pockets, it makes an excellent companion.

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