Luxury Leather


All our luxury leather bags come with a dust cover for your bag, and individually wrapped and sealed with a waxed seal impression.


Uniquely handcrafted handdbag tag. Details of our brand can be displayed acrosss the different logo representations in our luxury leather bags.

Unique prairie view

Each tag contains details of the leather, sustainable process, ab handcrafted logo tag and a unique view of the acreage.

Embroidered Tag

Each bag has a unique embroidered tag. The design was created by Adan Ballou and mimics our handcrafted logo tag.

individually wrapped

AB Wax Seal Imprint

AB Luxury Leather Accessories Delivery

Based on if the bag was in inventory or pre-order, the bag will be shipped via Canada Post within Canada and UPS to the USA.

Regular delivery times apply at the time the bag was shipped

Home, Decor & Fashion


Clothing items will include a branded tag and shipped in a branded package.


Canada Post & USPS