Adan Ballou Leather Accessories

Handmade on the Great Plains of Canada, each bag expresses reverence for the material it is made with. An accessory made to be beautiful when well used pays tribute to the animal it came from.

An Adan Ballou leather bag merges bespoke craftsmanship with the rugged minimalism of vintage leather accessories. Each bag is an example of precise attention to details applied with handmade care.


People: The work celebrates the aspects of human nature. Like a portrait. What I hope to see, the best I see.

Architecture: Handbags have structure, like a home you live in. A sacred geometry, considered by Free Masons and used to design buildings like the Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada.

Details & Process

Victor Ko

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Wickett & Craig of America

Bespoke handbag makers choose it for their heritage designs.
K.a Joben

Zipper Tabs

A whole other Art

It is a moment of individual attention taken to define the character of that particular bag.
Richard Bauer

Edge Paint

The Vernis Edge Paint

The paint has a natural beautiful matte finish, is a beautiful & durable edge paint made in France.
Marin Julia

Pattern Making

Design Process

Very Sculptural.
A sculpture I get to rehearse, like a song but in form.
Marin Julia

Deer Skin

2019 HBDA Winner

Adan Ballou learned to make the leather to learn respect for the animal.
Marin Julia


From Recycled Metals

Provides the flexibility to create hardware, like belt buckles or handle rings.
Marin Julia


Another Creative Medium

Incorporates colour and texture to drive emphasis and details.
Marin Julia


Creativity in Other Ways

As braiding is a lost art and being a heritage technique, it provide a unique way to finish the edges of the bag.

Past Designs

Since 2010, Adan Ballou has create unique accessories that helped him further his skills and creativity that allow him to compete for different Awards around the world.
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Skull Belts

I have loved skulls for a long time, a universal symbol. believe that Skulls are symbols for life as much as they are for death. I base this assumption on my observation that people pay very little attention to their births. Once we, as people, become aware of the consequences of time, we tend to focus our attention on what's next (year, week, next moment, etc) the passage of time makes us aware of our own mortality, and thru that grand lens we reflect upon our own pasts & futures. A beautiful symbol and idea.

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357 Holster Wallet

Designed to be an alternative to the traditional men’s wallet, the ‘357’ holder wallet keeps everything a man may need in a comfortable and organized space. While keeping all necessities like a smartphone, cash, & cards at hand the ‘357’ holster wallet is a masculine and stylish solution to everyday pocket clutter

“I saw a National Geographic article of African Masks in which a Haitian man wore a hood holding a plastic gun and a telephone handset which were his representations of the tools of modern revolution. I thought about this statement for a long while and came to the conclusion that the tools for modern revolution are money for resources & influence, and communications, like cell phones & internet. I made the ‘347’ holster wallet to carry the tools of modern revolution”

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Nellie Bag

An over built travel bag.

I wanted to make a travel bag that dealt with the issues of a messenger bag in a new way. Nellie Ballou (my great great grandmother) Seemed like a pretty interesting character to me. She seemed like this intrepid adventuring spirit who I admired. I still think she had it all figured out. I wanted to make a bag that honored her & paid gratitude to the name I borrowed from her.

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Malena Bag

The Malena Bag is based on the concept of a catenary, or parabolic curve, a particular line which is characterized by the line a hanging chain assumes under its own weight when supported only by its two ends. Malena said she wanted something that would carry a lot, but do so gracefully. I chose this particular line because it is graceful & from an engineering standpoint, this curve is stronger than a perfect circle. This shape works well for this design from two perspectives, philosophically & structurally. Every curve in this bag is based on this concept which makes the design quite complex. There are no hard of direct angles on the bag, resulting in a very ergonomic design, mimicking nature. When the bag is open, with the flaps tipped out, it looks like a tulip flower, one of Malena’s favourites.

Adan Ballou Art

I like drawing and always carry with me a sketchpad and a pencil. I like getting inspired by the surroundings I live and what has influenced me in my designs.
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An Adan Ballou leather bag merges bespoke craftsmanship with the rugged Minimalism of heritage western leathercraft. Each bag is an example of precise attention to detail applied with passion & care.

Crafted on the great plains of Canada from a curated selection of materials. An accessory made to be beautiful when loved & depended upon pays tribute to the blessings it is made from.

Inspired by the rare luxuries of authenticity & integrity, every item is made from eco-friendly materials. Sustainable because it's made to last, it will carry your memories like a friend.

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Our Sonya and Taylor Bags, signature Adan Ballou items.



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Sonya Bag

Beaded zipper pull.

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Taylor Bag

Details in every section of this bag.


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To our great friends that have helped us build our brand since our beginning.