A New Divide

It seems obvious now that I know what to look for. For a while I’d seen the shadow of it, some hint of a depth yet to come into the centre of my view. But, like many things of this nature, once you see it, you see it in everything. Like Love or Quality, you can only understand it once its been understood.

There are many ways to divide people. Liberals & Conservatives, Democratic or Republican. Black (or Brown) & White, Gay or Straight, Spiritual or otherwise, ect ect. I find it most productive to embrace the differences between us because each variety enlightens a world of possibilities. Baring that, the most effective divide I have discovered can be described as such: The Helpers & The Power.

The Helpers seek truth, but want most to understand. This is unfortunate because they are the ones most confused by a world that doesn’t behave like they believe it should. They are inclined to reflect on how they can improve themselves to make the world a better place. They often believe in something bigger than themselves, recognize sincerity in actions, and empathize to a fault. They probably enjoy the simple joys of generosity & see a clear division between right & wrong.

Then you have The Power. The Power people are like the Yang to The Helpers Ying. The Power understand how to use manipulation. They are skilled with perspectives and know how to weave the truth. They are cognitively aware of the risks of forthright honesty and understand the power of the knowledge that ‘The Truth is What You See’. The Power are able to manipulate their own versions of the truth to suit their own prerogative, or to make ‘invisible’ some ‘truth’ more convenient to ignore.

It is important to recall that neither is good or bad, both are part of a cycle, the grander thing. Sometimes we are more of one and less of the other, but both personas entitle us to the views & prerogatives personally necessary to accomplish the tasks that face us. From a quantum perspective, we are each wave form represented on a bandwidth of possibilities. Your memories are simply moments, points of reference, a particle of time that only defines a moment of who you are.

So, one might ask then what is best? Is a balance between the two the goal? This path chains you to the values & prerogatives of others, at very least the critic in your mind. Due consideration between opposing points of view is a sign of prudence, temperance & self-mastery. On the other hand, this personal debate can become a maddening balancing act between what you feel most judged by and the liberties you hunger for.

My tie breaker is this: If it makes me proud of myself. Sometimes I’m a giver and sometimes I’m a taker. Sometimes I need to be confident in myself and other times I choose to be patient & listen. I like this quote “No Balanced power, no power of good, will object or resent legitimate forms of testing its integrity. It will not dither, or validate, blame of misdirect, It will rise to and above the challenge and it will glow with pride”. The Seven Grandfather teachings are: Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth. The cardinal virtues as presented by Plato were wisdom (or prudence), courage, temperance, and justice.

No matter how you choose to use your power, as long as you can honestly say to yourself that you where being the best version of yourself, nobody (including yourself) can ask anything more.