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Article: Listen to Al Yammering about Why Rainbows?

Listen to Al Yammering about Why Rainbows?
al yammering

Listen to Al Yammering about Why Rainbows?

Ballouniverse is a world of rainbows. It's where you can find wisdom, knowledge and happiness in every color! But what do they all mean?

Listen to Al the Rainbows Dude Yammering about it as he explains how each individual design & symbol brings out different emotions and philosophy bits with its own unique story. You may watch, listen, or read our enchanting mascot explain this mystery on his new Podcast.



 ‘A brief description of the creative medium of human emotion & its application as a constructive tool’

By Adan Ballou

Darkness is the physical condition of the absence of light. Darkness is infinite as seen by the night sky. It is the energy of light we recognize as starlight. The glowing tapestry of the night sky has fascinated humanity precisely because of how it shimmers in the dark. It is the light that is precious merely because it exists.

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that travels as waves, A light bending medium like an atmosphere, rain water or a crystal rock separates white light, the composite of all the colors, into its different component frequencies. How different materials absorb & reflect light determines the colors we see. White light must be separated, otherwise it is blinding, like staring into the Sun.

The shadows are not to be shunned or feared. Moments of darkness provide the textures we admire in the world. The depth of the experience is yin to yang, savory to sweet, pleasure & pain, love & hate. A cycle of contrasting paradoxes between the light & dark visually represent the rhythms of Nature. Waves are defined by their crests and troughs, time by day & night, ourselves by our life & death.

This model serves as our working definition of color & texture, line & form within time; a serviceable map of the terrain we now enter, otherwise referred to as Existence.

For decades neuroscientists have debated the nature of human brain waves. Are they passive standing waves, like an engine’s hum, or traveling waves that can be projected? Systemic rhythms like heart rate, breathing, & circadian rhythms all contribute to a dynamic system capable of producing a symphony of different frequencies & amplitudes.

For millennia philosophers have pondered the nature of the Human experience. This capacity to explore dimensions of consciousness beyond our immediate physical experience is among the very few things that make the Human animal truly unique, if not divine. A religion is defined by its attempts to describe an awareness of something we all struggle to express, the light within us all.

Awareness of this power enables freewill to conduct it toward any design one can imagine. A persistent view in reference to one's fear, shame, grief, misfortune, worry, affliction, grievance, tribulation, vicissitude, rainy day or hard knock invariably begets more of the same. Free will enables what a focused intent activates; your capacity to choose a different outcome.

When one regards their psyche as a machine capable of producing & consuming energy, particular capacities come to light. Your own soul is an instrument with the ability to generate tones conducive to the desired circumstance. This emotional control, maturity, or intelligence is a great power, with which wonderful daydreams or terrible nightmares can be created.

Passion directed is a rare & ineffable beauty we recognize only in the names of legends who have reflected the frequencies of our collective spirit. Study, meditation & self reflection open doors through which glimpses of situational potential can be seen. These intuitions in empathy provide opportunities to extend the energy of one's passiones beyond their preternatural bounds and into the psyche of another.

The effect is a harmony between the various passions that define each human psyche as unique. Accepting blessings to escape entitlements & submission to the knowledge that “I am who I am” leads to the profound understanding that “In every way I can imagine, I can become who I want to be”. In the mind's eye, darkness now begets the potential for light.

The rainbow of emotions each human spirit possesses is a blessing and a curse. Each vibrates at a particular frequency which has energetic potential. Your psyche has the power to radiate this energy. Through the bubble of our own Reality, we both perceive and react to the Existence we all share. It therefore acts as a lens through which we outwardly focus the power of our emotions.

By aligning your intention with your freewill’s capacity to affect Existence, one can weave their own emotions through the veils of others Realities. The result is a sort of compound mechanical resonance, factoring its energetic potential exponentially. This power to inspire is available to everyone and can not be taken away, only freely given.

This power is to be respected as deadly. It has been coveted as secret by many over the centuries with the power to keep it that way. Properly directed, one can create or destroy worlds, lives, & destinies. It is now in your hands, use it well.

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