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 ‘Look at how hands have been used, from the calluses and scars to bent or broken knuckles. They’ve created arts such as crafts music writing cooking gardening carpentry; see what these tools can build!’

By Adan Ballou

You can tell alot about someone by their hands.

Palmistry, palm reading, or chiromancy is the art of fortune-telling through the study of the various qualities of the hand, including the shapes and lines of the palm & fingers, the color & texture of the skin & fingernails, the relative sizes of the palm & fingers, the prominence of the knuckles; among others. Palmistry is referenced in the Book of Job, written in 8th BCE. The Hindu sage Valmiki wrote a book on palmistry in the 5th BCE. In 3rd BCE, Aristotle claimed he found a book about palmistry on an altar of Hermes, the emissary of the Greek gods. Aristotle gave the book to Alexander the Great who used its contents to examine the character of his officers by the lines on their hands. A skeptical Mark Twain once said palmistry exposed his character with humiliating Accuracy.

But I speak of a different sort of divination.

Eyes may tell you how a person feels. The science of microexpressions examines in part the eyes to determine one's emotions. Certainly when one sees another’s infatuation with them it is made clearest in the eyes. As well, the words ‘I love you’ will enlighten the beloved of their feelings, but any broken heart knows how trivial words can be. They hang pungent like smoke in the moment, but with the motion of a hand it whisps away.

What the eyes covet or admire says alot about a person. Most often, It is through the eyes we first learn of some beauty of the world, next beside smell & hearing. To touch is to relate with the world in the most interactive way. It is through the hand’s touch that we create the world & share ourselves with it. Eyes only reflect what they see in the witness. Hands will tell you what they have done by simply observing the outward effects they have enacted upon the existence we all share.

Words, on the other hand, only tell you what their smith is willing to share. Words are like the irregular verb in the pursuit of truth, they require special attention. Words can have the most profound effect on others. The act of speaking can be as destructive as violent crime, the difference between success & failure, words can build entire empires. Observations of this potent & powerful blessing in use only become valuable insight when cut with empathy, patience, and an open mind.

If eyes are the windows to the soul then Hands are its tools. Look at how hands have been used, the calluses & scars, bent & broken knuckles, the crooked fingers & carpal tunnel syndrome. What have these hands made? Arts, crafts, music, writing, cooking, gardening, carpentry, see what these hands have built. The hands of Science &

Medicine, of the healers and helpers who with the wisdom to see & courage to seize an opportunity to aid another reach out. Look at who the hands have helped, and ask them what they know about who owns them.

What have these hands ruined? Have they been destructive or cruel? Have they worked with violent dominance or vicious intent? Given the opportunity, did these hands lift another up or tear them down?

Actions speak louder than words. Eyes can only see what the hands do. To truly know someone, look at their hands and what they have done with them.

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