Our Promise to the Planet and It's People

AB Acreage View

We are committed to sustainably blending style and function with the protection of our planet's natural resources.

  1. AB Acres Shop constructed of recycled materials, is a key part of our endeavor to find actionable and creative ways to reduce our environmental impact.
  2. Accountability For Our Actions lowers our carbon footprint, as creative conservation, honesty and integrity are core business values that we honor
  3. Natural Expressions offers style solutions with sensitive sustainability, inspired, designed and made in Canada.
  4. Transparency Before Transactions pulls back the curtain on our process, so you can watch designs come to life.
  5. Passion, People and Planet are shared purposes at AB, where team members contribute from their experience.
  6. Building a Better Tomorrow is a shared initiative at AB, as we strive to be authentic, artistic and accountable.
  7. Supplier Code of Conduct that aligns with our values as well as international labor standards.

AB Acres Shop began as a diamond-in-the-rough, with the moniker of 'Woody's' emblazoned on signage inside.

Shop built from recycled materials gathered

Accountability for our actions involves every aspect of AB, so we carefully employ sustainable materials in our products. Hemp is a an excellent choice for sustainability, as it is a densely growing crop that chokes out competing plants., meaning NO nasty chemical herbicides. It naturally repels pests, returns 60-70% of the nutrients back to soil. and uses 50% less water than cotton. Hemp cultivation requires a smaller amount of land, and produces up to double the fibre yield per hectare than cotton. Our action to use hemp canvas is just one way we impact you and our planet.

Natural expressions is our way of phrasing the blend of artistic efforts and sustainable style solutions offered by AB.

Design sensitivity and discernment are needed when selecting the various components that are part of our processes. We select water-based glues and natural pigments; natural beeswax; sabra silk and of course, the gorgeous vegetable tanned leathers from Wickett & Craig,

Water is collected from our handmade well in the acreageTransparency before transaction means that it matters to us that you know who we are, what we value and how we create our products. Transparency keeps us accountable to you and empowers you to make informed decisions about AB. We are here to answer your questions as we provide updates on new initiatives. We are committed to engage with you online to listen and learn from you. You can always find us at the Adan Ballou website, on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Passion, People and Planet summarizes the priorities that drive team creativity at Adan Ballou. We are passionate about quality as we carefully attend to the smallest details in design and construction of AB luxury leather handbags, we remain focused on functions that make sense to people. By sharing with you our thoughts, processes and stories, it is our hope that we both find encouragement, strength and wisdom to take bold steps towards greater sustainability.

Building a better tomorrow may sound pretty trite, but then again what are the alternatives to positive improvement? Daily we choose a shared sustainable future through our individual actions. Building better means that our Adan Ballou luxury handbags are made from sustainable leathers such as Canadian deerskin or Wickett & Craig.

The Supplier Code of Conduct is built on a commitment to treating all workers with respect and dignity, ensuring safe working conditions, and conducting environmentally responsible and ethical operations. We strive to work with suppliers who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by adopting environmental practices that seek to minimize their environmental impact as well as labor, health and safety practices that ensure the well-being of their employees. We expect the suppliers in the AB supply chain, and their downstream suppliers, to hold to our same high standards, and embrace social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities.

Our promise to the planet and it's people are the words that explain our dedicated and decisive actions at Adan Ballou.

Our decision to create sustainable fashion is because the cost to our planet and it's people is too high if we don't.

We invite you to keep us accountable and join us on this journey towards authenticity, through artistry and accountability.