Ethical Fashion Fabrics


As you commit to keeping your "glow" going despite the pandemic, we're applauding your superhero stretching efforts with a new line! We understand just how tough it is to stay motivated in our own home workout routines. Making daily movement a priority keeps us physically and mentally strong. Whether it's a walk in the wilderness, or a meditative morning, focus on finding the joy in the journey, through engaging all your senses in the experiences of soft strength.

Mark your own milestones this month, elevate your mood and discover what moves you from our exciting new collection of fitness fashions. Because you expect your workout fashions to stay in shape with you, we offer you a gorgeous group of functional, fun and stylish sustainability. We think you will like all of our custom handmade products, especially the custom art designed leggings made in Canada, sweatshop free.

Ethical fitness fashion means that the planet does not pay the price for sturdy yet breathable fabrics that look good, wear well and last long. Softly stretching to fit your every curve, these art designed leggings hug you in all the right places, and bounce back after multiple washings.

88% Polyester and 12% spandex

Made from 88% polyester 12% spandex performance wear fabric manufactured for you in Canada.

Made in Canada

Printed and sewn by hand for you, with an exclusively developed fabric, that is carefully and thoughtfully crafted by a mill in Montreal, Canada.

Compression fit

Compression fit comfort of high spandex fabric that embraces you in all the right places, so it will always suit your unique and beautiful body.

Easy to care for

Vivid print art designs that will never fade after washing, combine with an ultra-stretch fabric that holds shape beautifully, even after multiple wear.

High waist

Thick elastic waistband finishing with cover stitched hems, results in a fit that will generally rise just under your belly button for most sizes.

EcoPoly fabrics

All our stretch fabrics feature an EcoPoly fiber. This fiber is certified as eco-friendly using 70% less energy and water use during manufacturing.


Whether you need more adventure or more coffee after your workout, inspiration can be elevated to luxury with artwork printed on lightweight 100% pure silk. Made-to-order 100% silk habotai scarves are printed with permanent reactive inks that bond with the fiber cell, and never fade. Pamper yourself with the sensuous feel of silk next to your skin, elevate your senses and embrace your personal style. The certified eco-friendliness of the silk fabric manufacturing process matters to our planet and to us. if this is as important to you as it is to us, check the facts here: oeko-CONFIDENCEINTEXTILES.jpg

Challenges for your new work-from-home wardrobe, for all of those video meetings can be handled easily by adding a soft touch of color. Juggling multiple responsibilities within your home office environment often means that time-consuming distractions delay you. By keeping your beautiful silk scarf within easy reach, you can quickly create a great looking visual impression, without the last minute dash to dress up!

When your personal success matters as much as your fitness success, discover how we can help you handle your load efficiently and stylishly. Enabling you to shift seamlessly between your virtual meetings and new household tasks keeps evolving. The unexpected hurdles you face are daunting at times and important to us, because we move forward with you. We'll focus on keeping our fashion fabrics ethical, so you can focus on your fitness, family and even fashion concerns.

We appreciate your unique purpose in this pandemic, so we encourage and applaud you to Just Do You!