12 Days of Christmas

In this season of giving, we want to draw our loved ones close and feel that sense of togetherness, to cozy up inside with family and feel warmth, peace, and joy. Perhaps as you search for and dust off your old Christmas decorations, and formally launch the festive season in your home, you've run across some old Christmas tunes and are soon singing along to the familiar "12 Days of Christmas" song and are even joining in!

Can you recall all 12 gifts from the "12 Days of Christmas" song?

12 days of Christmas
Mirth With-out Mischief. If you haven't heard of it, that's probably because it was published in 1780."

"Most historians believe that the song started out a "memory-and-forfeit" game in 1800s England. These types of games were played by British school children, and the rules were simple. When it's your turn, you repeat all the previously sung lyrics, and add the next one. If you can't remember a verse, you owe your opponent a "forfeit," which was usually a kiss or piece of candy."

This "Covid Christmas", as you create new traditions, show people that you are thinking about them especially when you can't be together. In keeping with the theme of 12 days, here are some gentle reminders to take it easier on yourself and others, when you are reaching out in new and different ways. We call them the "12 Ways of Christmas"!

  1. Alleviate anxiety
  2. Personalize presents
  3. Stress-free your space
  4. Calorie-free comfort
  5. Survive and thrive
  6. Breathe in beauty
  7. Calm your core
  8. Nourish in nature
  9. Strengthen safely
  10. Pamper peacefully
  11. Joyfully celebrate
  12. Keep it Canadian

Will you join us in a special celebration of these 12 days? We will share some surprises with you in our 12 ways.