10 Luxury Details for you at Adan Ballou

What makes AB better than your average luxury handbag:

  1. Quality of leather: Wickett & Craig is a premium leather compared to what Dior, Gucci or Hermes use at the same price point. We reuse our scraps and demand environmental awareness from suppliers, while Dior & Burberry burn excess product to keep prices high. 

    Stitching Leather Front of a Sonya Bag

  2. Lining Materials: We use natural materials (Hemp or Sabra/Vegan Silk) in our product experience - they 'break' like leather, anti bacterial, anti UV. Big brands use Satin (synthetic) or industrial produced silk, materials are an after thought.
    Lining & Zippers
  3. Zippers & Hardware: All our zippers are Top quality solid brass teeth RiRi zippers that are finished with custom copper zipper stops handmade from recycled wire & worked with a special home made beeswax to lubricate the zippers mechanical function. Metal hardware is cast in solid brass & finished smooth to ensure it never breaks or tears the leather. Special attention paid to problems you will never have with an AB bag.

  4. Edge finishing:. Comparable to equestrian leather craft, made for comfort of rider & animal. Big Brands often treat these details as opportunities to speed up production, because these are the unseen corners they cut to improve their profit margin.
    Edge finishing & stitching
  5. Leather lined pocket bottom: The bottom of the zippered pocket in one of Adan Ballou's Luxury leather bags is lined in leather. This prevents keys from tearing the bottom or stains from leaking thru the lining of the bag. One more detail that sets AB above

  6. Embroidered tag & individually hand made
    Embroidered tag

  7. Saddle Stitch: Heavy weight nylon or polyester thread stitches used (Big Bitch) . Example of western equestrian influence & commitment to heritage leather craft. This is a feature unique to AB Handbags
    Saddle stitch

  8. Unique Lining construction: Great consideration has been given to the layout & construction of an AB lining. "Feng Shui", - we live INSIDE our home - how that's organized is the most important part, so the inside of a handbag is very important. Organizational pockets make use of all the space available & are reinforced at the edges to ensure they never tear. Big brands usually simply stitch the pockets on to the fabric lining without any reinforcement at all.

  9. Free Masons Secrets: Blend of artists eye for beauty & esoteric wisdoms of sacred geometries. Each design an example of Masonic design. Incorporated hermetic philosophies. Made to be tools for super heroes.
    Masonic messages

  10. Made in Canada: While other Luxury leather brands squeeze out more profit by using third world sweatshop labor.

Every Ballou House handbag is a one-of-a-kind example of authenticity, sincerity, integrity, & strength. just like you.

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